Best Season to Do the Roopkund Trek

May 4, 2018 by Fogh Abildgaard

Roopkund provides an amazing hiking in North India adventure. It’s actually the title of a little lake at the Greater Himalayas. Roopkund is a really small lake. It’s quite shallow too. It never gets deeper than 2 meters at any place. It gets very cold where the lake is situated and hence almost 9 months of the year it is frozen.

When you’ll look at it for the first time, you will not find anything particular. What fun and adventure can a lake offer which is not even profound and barely ever there’s water. Particularly when you consider the 24 hours it requires out of New Delhi to visit this location and then focusing on the 3 day hiking trip, you might wonder why you have arrived at the place.

But don’t be confused, particularly by the first appearance of it, since there is so much this area to provide than you can imagine. Walking throughout the Burans, the dense woods of Himalayas, going past the vast stretches of meadows, steep ascent up the mountain, and staying in the tents high above the rest of the world is an experience you will never forget your whole life.

When must you see Roopkund Trek?

There are just two times in the year when you’re able to opt for Roopkund trek Uttarakhand. All these are the safest and most gorgeous times to have lots of fun and lots of adventure.

If you choose to trek during this period you may witness lots of greenery. All around you’ll be the foliage and amazing landscapes. It’s also the time of the year once the water of the lake has thawed. As a consequence, that you may have some fun round the lake too. Also, the thawed lake in itself gives a marvellous view. However, the biggest plus is that you get to see the renowned human skeletons dating back to 9th century BCE. The only problem with this time is that there is not a great deal of snow. If kheerganga trek from kasol are a huge fan of snow then it would not be a fantastic idea to go to your Roopkund Trek Uttarakhand during this season.

During the end of August or begin of September, this hiking in Uttarkhand will offer the view of green bugyals for you. Also, you’ll be able to find a lot of brown also. Again, this isn’t the ideal time for people that are searching for snow. If snow is exactly what you need, go for this particular trekking in North India near the end of the month. At this time you will get to view the snow. In fact, there’ll be lots of snow. Therefore, the lake skeleton won’t be observable. Thus, you’ll have to create a decision whether you want to go for snow or skeleton.