I-Camz vs. Internet Modeling

May 3, 2018 by Fogh Abildgaard

So you are thinking about becoming a webcam model and you have narrowed down your choices between www.i-camz.com and www.internetmodeling.com. Upon first look, you would think the choice is clear. Internet Modeling pays out 70% to new models. But wait, let’s take a closer look to see which one is really better.
• Earnings: Internet Modeling advertises that they pay their webcam models 70% of the amount the customer spends. What they don’t tell you is that this offer only applies to their “training site” www.webcammodels.com. After looking into the site, it appears it has almost no traffic. In order to earn 70%, you have to bring your own customers to the site. After testing out the site, we discovered they also charge a fee of 10% to redeem your earnings. This came as a big surprise to us. Internet Modeling also works as a virtual studio for Streamate. They offer 20% of the amount that the customer spends with a bonus structure. Payment methods they offer include: Check, Direct Deposit, and Paxum. All of which we found to be great payment methods.
• Earnings: I-Camz works exclusively on the Streamate network offering models 25% of the amount customers spend. I-Camz does pay more than Internet Modeling. We have found a couple drawbacks including minimum payout amounts which vary by payment type and limited international payment options. We did like their straight forward approach to earnings and payments for both companies were on time.
• Affiliate Program: Both companies have great affiliate programs. They both refer to them as agents. An agent’s job is to recruit new models to the site. Both sites pay 10% commission for webcam models they refer. Both sites had comparable affiliate tools such as banners. I did like that I-Camz had an iframe code for their sign up page. What this means is that you can create your own site and simply add the code to your own website and the model application page will be listed on your site. This way models can apply directly on the affiliates own site without the need to be directed via affiliate link to I-Camz.
• Sign-up Process: Internet Modeling: The application page was quick and easy to understand. Only took a few minutes. Received become a webcam model . At that point, was only given access to their training site. It would take another 10 days to receive access to their main site on the Streamate network. This was a major negative for us as we could not understand why it would take so long.
• Sign-up Process: I-Camz: The application page was also quick and easy to understand. After clicking Submit on the application, we were redirected right into the site where we completed our required documents for age verification. This only took us a few minutes. At that same point, we were sent a text message from Kevin, with the support team, asking if we needed any help. We did ask a simple question about uploading our ID pics and was answered within minutes. After submitting the documents, it said it was being sent for review and would take up to five days. However we received notification that we were approved the very next day. This was a great difference compared to Internet Modeling’s wait time.
• Support: While we only contacted Internet Modeling once for support, it did take about a day to get a response back from Janet, who appears to run the model support. With I-Camz it was a great experience as described earlier. Their text message support is amazing. You can ask your questions and concerns and have them answered within minutes.

Conclusion: Both sites are great places to work. We have made our decision but we are going to leave it to you to decide for yourself!