Pokemon Games - Your Pocket Monster Pet

May 3, 2018 by Fogh Abildgaard

Pokemon became very popular when it was initially introduced by Nintendo of Japan back in 1996 as their very best selling game for your Nintendo Game Boy.

Pokemon short for “pocket monster” has become a great success in North America one of youngsters. Why is this game so popular to kids? Kids love playing Pokemon because the unique characters from the game are creatures in which kids could train as pets. This is a game where unique Pokemon characters battle each other from the control of their coach. The better the coach, the stronger the character and also the much better chances to win the game.

The unique aspect of the game is where each Pokemon monster has special skills that are shown in battle. Each character has different abilities and skills that develop as they collect more experience within their match battles. Every win in a battle adds a top notch of experience to the Pokemon character which then allows them to grow into a much more potent pet. This really is a game which needs skill and challenges that the player emotionally which permits them to consider their next move. It is a fun educational yet addictive game which has become a fantastic success for Nintendo for many decades.

Pokemon games have become available in various platforms that are entertaining. Through the role-playing or adventure games, puzzle games, puzzle games and even Pokemon card matches. These trading cards have pictures of unique Pokemon characters on these. The idea here would be to have kids accumulate as many Pokemon cards as they could, train them and fight against other Pokemon card collectors.

Fans frequently play through their Nintendo Game Boy or the modern Nintendo DS systems, but now Pokemon games are available for you to play online at no cost. Online games are usually programmed and animated with Flash and they are fun and entertaining to play like the original Pokemon games launched from Nintendo. Pokémon video games brings you exactly the same interactive experience of collecting Pokemon monsters and battling with other Pokemon fans.